Black musk dna

Black musk dna

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This is the classic black musk par excellence, rich and strong. A unique musk for its qualities of strength and animality, with a base of musk gazelle and a blend of exotic scents. Musc Noir will appeal to lovers of strong, animalic fragrances.

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In addition to its olfactory benefits, black musk also has therapeutic benefits . In fact,it is one of the treatments used topractice Roqya, the Arabic term for legalized exorcism. This fragrance is distinguished by its unmistakable woody, animalic scent.

The history of black musk

In the past, musk was extracted by slaughtering musk deer. Then, the competent authorities outlawed this practice, taking a stand for the animal cause. The various perfume houses now use a synthetic version, although some continue to operate in this dubious market.

Black musk is one of the many olfactory variants now available. It is characterized by its strong, pronounced scent. A staple of oriental perfumery, it is also a noble ingredient in many fragrances

It is also found in the West. Indeed,the most prestigious brands use it to develop their luxury fragrancecollections . Black musk is said to have been discovered in the heights of Pakistan. It is derived from the bark of a particular tree. Indians are particularly fond of this fragrance. As mentioned in the introduction, it also has therapeutic and spiritual virtues. Discover also musk tahara, a cosmetic product much coveted by women to perfect their intimate hygiene.

Black musk and roqya char3iya

First of all, perfume is generally favored in Islam. In a hadith, the messenger of Allah declared that, along with women, it was one of the things he loved most in this world. In another narration, he also said that musk is one of the best perfumes.

Believers appreciate good smells , whiledjinns covet foul ones, hence the importance of using them to practice roqya . Inaddition to black musk, other means of combating occult ailments include reading the Koran. Allah's messenger recommended reading the protective suras and the Throne verse. Muslims also useZamzam water and jujube leaves. All these teachings can be found inbooks on prophetic medicine.

Several formats available

Here, we offer you a product developed by ADN Paris, a French perfume house. You can also opt for a solid version. Liquid black musk is preferred for its ease of application. All you have to do is apply it like any other perfume, rubbing it into the body's hot spots.

As for the solid version, it comes in pieces. Some users place a square directly on the linen to absorb the scent. Others grind it into powderfor embalming the dead man'sshroud .Then there are those who rub it directly onto the body. So there are many different ways to use black musk.

Islam preserves your well-being

At Almastour, we introduce you to many Islamic products mentioned in the Koran and Sunnah. Some of them are used to heal yourself, while others are designed to improve your daily life. Follow the recommendations of the Prophet Muhammad to take care of yourself.

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