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Musk Tahara Surrati

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Tahara Musk, a refined musk

Musc intime tahara is a high-quality musk, highly reputed and used in the Muslim community. Also known as white musk, its creamy appearance and soft texture make Musc Tahara a unique product, the perfect gift for a loved one.

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Al Mastour offers you musk tahara Surrati on its website. This beautiful, intimate fragrance will seduce men and women alike with its soft scent and creamy texture. Available in several formats, its small size means you can take it with you wherever you go. Perfect for everyday use, you'll find it hard to part with! In fact, many women have adopted it for their intimate hygiene, so why not you?

Musc Tahara Surrati: an irresistible scent

This creamy fragrance comes straight from Saudi Arabia. This fragrance, much sought-after by women in the Middle East, is now making a name for itself in the West. Its olfactory identity, reminiscent of the smell of soap and "clean", makes it unique. And is therefore one of its main characteristics. Also known as "arouss" musk, this precious scent will win you over with its sweetness and freshness. We offer this magnificent bottle in 3 variations: 3 ml, 6 ml and 12 ml. So you can choose the format that suits you best! As this marvel is highly concentrated, you'll need just one touch to enjoy long-lasting fragrance.

Why choose Tahara Surrati intimate musk?

Still on the fence about this mysterious fragrance? Here are a few arguments to convince you! It's a high-quality, highly reputed product, widely used in the Muslim community. Its creamy appearance and sweet scent make this little jewel unique and refined. It will appeal to both men and women thanks to its mixed fragrance.

Which makes it an ideal gift! Not to mention that it's an alcohol-free fragrance. What's more, Al Mastour offers 3 different formats of this bottle. Choose the one that's right for you, knowing that all 3 sizes can easily be slipped into a bag or toiletry bag. So you can take your musk with you wherever you go.

Particularly practical for women who want to use it as an intimate musk! If you're a big fan of scents, now's the time to add this one to your collection. And if you really appreciate the irresistible scent of tahara, we can also offer you tahara room spray. But also tahara soap! Purify yourself with Tahara Surrati musk!

For women's intimate hygiene

Ladies, if you want to purify yourself after your period, Tahara Surrati musk is just the thing. It's a Sunnah handed down by the Messenger of Allah to use perfume after menstruation. So you might as well combine business with pleasure! All you need to do is apply a little material to a square of cloth. Then pat it gently onto the outside of your private parts. As a fragrance We recommend applying musk to damp skin, so that the fragrance lasts longer. Choose areas of the body where heat is most diffused. It can also be applied under the armpits! Precautions To preserve your Tahara Surrati musk for as long as possible, follow these tips:

  • Keep the perfume away from heat and humidity. Keep out of the reach of children;
  • Close the bottle tightly after use and avoid opening it when not in use;
  • Do not apply to genitalia or mucous membranes in general;
  • Rinse immediately with clean water in case of contact with eyes.
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