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Snake oil

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The name Snake Oil is misleading: some might think it's an oil composed of snake venom. However, this oil is an appropriate blend of 8 plant oils with particularly beneficial actions on the hair: protective, moisturizing, fortifying, anti-fall and anti-dandruff.


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The name of snake oil is misleading: some might think it's an oil composed of snake venom, but this oil is an appropriate blend of 8 plant oils with particularly beneficial actions on the hair: protective, moisturizing, fortifying, anti-fall and anti-dandruff.

The history of snake oil

Snake oil, also known as Cobra oil, is actually a blend of several vegetable oils renowned for their hair care benefits. Its strange and misleading name, as it contains no substances of animal origin, comes from Greek mythology, in reference to the sublime hair of the beautiful Medusa before she was transformed into a gorgon.

Protective, fortifying, moisturizing, anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff, it prevents split ends, fights dandruff and hair loss, leaving hair supple, soft and shiny. All its benefits come from its exceptional composition.

A 100% natural composition

Snake oil is considered by many to be the ultimate hair remedy. Indeed, this is the name that was chosen and has stuck to this day.

Castor oil / Huile de ricin: Castor oil rehydrates and regenerates dry hair with split ends, accelerating hair growth.

- Sesame oil / Huile de sésame: Sesame oil tones hair and protects against UV rays.

- Mustard oil / Huile de moutarde: Mustard oil promotes hair regrowth and prevents hair loss.

- Olive oil / Huile d'olive: Olive oil strengthens and deeply nourishes hair.

- Laurel leaves / Feuilles de laurier: Laurel leaves combat dandruff and hair loss, and promote hair growth and renewal.

- Jatamansi / Jatamansi or Nard: Nard essential oil is traditionally used to activate and stimulate hair growth.

- Cyperus / Yellow nutsedge oil: Yellow nutsedge oil, which also delays hair regrowth when applied to depilated areas, deeply nourishes, smoothes and softens the hair fiber, prevents dehydration and restores shine to damaged hair.

- Alkanna tinctoria / Orcanette des teinturiers: The red root of orcanette des teinturiers was once used to make natural dye.

- Santalam album oil / Huile de Santal Blanc: White sandalwood oil revitalizes dry, damaged hair.

All the plant oils that make up Hemani Snake Oil are 100% natural and extracted by cold pressing to preserve all their virtues and ensure maximum effectiveness.All these oils provide the hair with moisture and vitamins, and are a veritable rejuvenating cure for your hair.

It can therefore be used on very damaged or even burnt hair to repair it and restore its normal appearance.
Snake oil is also capable of giving shine and softness to even the driest hair, but its effect is much less noticeable on hair that tends to get greasy quickly, as this type of hair by definition requires a greater number of shampoos.
Finally, it can be applied to the hair when detangling to avoid tangles. (Discover kardoune to take care of your hair naturally.)

How to use snake oil

Functions: anti-ageing, toning, nourishing and sheathing

Method of extraction: Our oil is 100% natural and contains no harmful products (no chemical preservatives, parabens or phenoxyethanol)

Hair types: Care for dry, brittle, dull and damaged hair.

Product presentation: This blend of oils has been carefully selected to restore beauty to dull, damaged dry brittle hair.

It also protects hair from free radicals. Snake oil is ideal for combating hair loss. Dandruff, and greatly aids hair regrowth. Hair is strengthened, moisturized, shiny and voluminous. Hair regains suppleness and softness.

It's also an excellent anti-dandruff treatment. Anti-static, it delays hair loss and activates hair growth.

Distribute the oil all over your hair, from roots to ends. Work through lengths, strand by strand. Massage your scalp for a few seconds to activate microcirculation.

Once the oil is distributed throughout the hair and scalp, cover with a hairnet. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, rinse and wash as usual.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, airtight, dark place.

Shelf life: Use within 6 months of opening.

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