The Meditations of ibn al Qayyim

The Meditations of ibn al Qayyim

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"Meditations" is a magnificent book by the renowned Imam Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyya, published by Tawbah. This 335-page book has a sturdy hardback cover, so you can take it anywhere without damaging it.

What's it about?

This Islamic book is a compilation of beneficial teachings by our beloved Ibn Al Qayyim, arranged by theme. Among other topics, you'll find the following:

  • How to profit from the Koran
  • The origin of sins
  • The path to Allah
  • Science and its application
  • Real repentance
  • Trusting in Allah
  • How to improve your situation
  • The stages of happiness
  • Forbidden pleasures
  • Body and soul
  • The origin of anger

How can I benefit from Ibn Qayyim's meditations?

The beneficial advice given in this book is truly a source of science and wisdom that encourages the body and soul to reflect and meditate. This book should be read with an awareness of the treasure in one's hands, so as to make good use of it and take full advantage of the advice left by Ibn Al Qayyim, also known as the "vivifier of the Sunnah, the breaker of innovation".

All the advice and arguments put forward in this religious work are based on the author's enormous mountain of knowledge, which includes the Koran and the authentic Sunnah (see also the book The Authenticity of Prophetic Medicine).

Who is this book for?

This book is for all Muslims who want to get to know their Lord better, by reflecting on basic but essential subjects. Meditation is a privileged moment that everyone should grant themselves in order to refocus on themselves and know where we stand in our relationship with Our Lord.

This book is ideal as a gift for Muslims, whether or not they are already knowledgeable, and even as a gift for converts or non-Muslims, to reflect and meditate.

What makes this book incredibly touching and unique is the fact that everyone will recognize their own personal situation, in one chapter or another, so diverse and wisely written are the subjects.

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