The fitna of takfir

The fitna of takfir

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This book brings together several hadiths that warn against excommunicating Muslims without restriction.

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The Islamic book "La fitna du takfir" published by Dar al Muslim, was written by Noble Sheikh Nassir ad din Al Albanî, commented and approved by Sheikh Ibn Baz and Sheikh Ibn al Outheymin, may Allah be merciful to them and reward them. This 139-page book, priced at just €8, is highly accessible and easy to understand for anyone wishing to learn more about their religion, and in particular about one of Islam's most important themes: takfir.

Who was Sheykh Al Albani?

The noble Sheykh Al Albani was born in Albania in 1914. He and his family soon emigrated to Damascus in Syria, where the Sheykh spent his childhood studying under the tutelage of his father, who was himself deeply involved in religion. Sheykh Al Albani turned to the science of hadith at the age of 20, and his love for the hadith of the Messenger of Allah never ceased to grow. He taught for many years and traveled in search of knowledge. As a result, he became a leading authority on hadith, leaving behind a large number of magnificent works, of which this book is one.

What is takfir?

Takafir literally means "excommunication": here, it's the act of taking a specific individual out of Islam. It is totally forbidden to takfir a Muslim , and this is a matter for people of science and insight alone, and this kind of judgment must take place before a judge.

Why is the book La fitna du takfir particularly important?

The book "La fitna du takfir" warns against excommunicating a Muslim when you have neither the science nor the position to do so. This is a very serious matter, and it's up to every Muslim to understand its importance. This Islamic book will enlighten us on the differences between takfir in a general case and in a specific case, pointing out fatawas (sayings of scholars) on the subject as well as ahadith and verses from the Koran relating to this theme.

This book should therefore be read by every Muslim so as not to fall into the "fitna of takfir", in other words, so as not to fall into the "temptation" of making a Muslim a disbeliever.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

" Whoever calls his brother a disbeliever or an enemy of Allah when he is not, his accusation turns against him."

[Bukhari et Muslim, riyad as-salihin n° 1733]

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