The Animals Quoted In The Koran (coloring)

Animals mentioned in the Koran (coloring)

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The children's book published by Portfolio is a lovely coloring book called "Animals in the Koran".

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The Portfolio children's book is a lovely coloring book called "Animals in the Koran".

The coloring book: presentation

This 60-page Islamic coloring book for children is a great way to introduce them to some of the animals mentioned in the Holy Koran. You can give them this book as soon as they start drawing, so that they become familiar with these animals. It's a good idea to supplement their coloring session with short explanations, adapted to the child's age: if they are coloring the sheep, an adult can explain to the child the context in which Allah spoke of sheep, for example.

Animals in the Koran

Here's some evidence from the Koran about the animals drawn in the coloring book:

The lion: [74:51] The clad in a cloak (Al Muddathir) " fleeing from a lion."

The sheep: [20:18] TaHa: " He said, "This is my staff on which I lean, which I use to thin out (the trees) for my sheep and I make other uses of it."

The snake : [7:107] Al Araf: " He threw down his staff and behold, it was an obvious snake."

The camel : [7:40] Al Araf: " For those who treat Our teachings as lies and turn away from them out of pride, the gates of heaven will not be opened to them, and they will not enter Paradise until the camel enters the eye of the needle. Thus do We recompense criminals."

Complete the collection!

Don't hesitate to add to your library by visiting our "Children's books" section: you'll find more coloring books, as well as a whole host of other works to help you learn about prayer, the life of the Prophet Mohamed, Tawhid, quizzes, ablutions..

Books are a great way to learn, because they're both fun and entertaining, and help children to enjoy reading!

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