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2-piece Jilbeb with clips Blue - Umm Hafsa

2-piece Jilbeb with clips Blue - Umm Hafsa

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Have you ever tried the Umm Hafsa jilbeb? Lightweight, comfortable, perfectly opaque and of the highest quality, this jilbeb is sewn in an Egyptian Whool Peach fabric, ensuring lightness in all seasons.

Pleasant to wear, the Umm Hafsa jilbeb is composed of a flared skirt and a long jilbab cape.

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The 2-piece jilbeb with clips will live up to your expectations in sha allah!

This little marvel has been designed with maximum modesty in mind.

Comprising a flared skirt and a wide clip-on cape, the Umm Hafsa jilbeb features a chin guard and integrated headband. The cuffs are held in place by a two-clip fastener for a secure fit.

The sleeve closure is also practical for ablutions. Finally, this system prevents the sleeves from loosening and widening over time.

The sides of the jilbeb cape are sewn along the entire length.

The clips have been ingeniously placed: they allow you to fold down and hold part of the cape in front of the chest. The superimposition of these two fabrics gives your awra more pronounced coverage, especially in windy conditions.

However, you don't have to clip the jilbeb cape. It can be worn either clipped or unclipped.

You'll also find the gray umm hafsa jilbab, the khaki umm hafsa jilbab and the plum umm hafsa jilbab

The Umm Hafsa jilbeb is available in 2 different sizes:

Size 1: up to 1m65

Size 2: up to 1m78

The cape is 1m75 wide.

Join us in our jilbeb area to discover all our available models!

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