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Le Nectar Cacheté Biographie du Prophète Muhammad (SAW) .Le Nectar Cacheté (Ar-Rahîq Al-Makhtoum), is a reference work on the biography of the Prophet (SAW), written by Sheikh Safiy Ar-Rahmân Al-Mubârakfûrî of the Salafi University of India. It was awarded first prize in a competition organized in Mecca by the World Islamic League.

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Ar Rahiq Al Makhtoum, also known as "The Hidden Nectar" in French, is one of the most emblematic works ofIslamic literature. Written by Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri, this work stands out for its unusual approach todescribing the life of the Prophet. Treat yourself to this Islamic book designed to help you learn more about his biography .

Sealed nectar: a competition at its core

The author of this biography of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri, wrote this masterpiece of Islamic literature in order to meet the conditions imposed by the organization of a competition. The competition involved several authors. The aim? To propose a biography of the Prophet Muhammad. The prize went to the most complete and authentic version, namely Le Nectar Cacheté (The Hidden Nectar).

Ar Rahiq Al Makhtoum is the Arabic translation of this world-famous Islamic book. The edition we have chosen to make available in our Muslim store allows you to follow in the footsteps of Allah's messenger. It'salso a way to strengthen your faith by getting to know the best of mankind. After all, he was the one who received the highest praise from Allah. Indeed, Allah made Him the man with the best behavior and character traits.

Allah's messenger, the most influential person in history

Many books refer to him as the most influential person in the history of mankind. The authors of these books include both Muslims and non-believers. The Sealed Nectar offers a detailed biography of the Prophet Muhammad.

The competition in question, which took place in Mecca , brought tolight a veritable literary treasure trove. A story that contains teachings and a way to get closer to Allah. Our customers love this kind of work!

Sealed Nectar: a detailed biography of the Prophet Muhammad

In Ar Rahiq Al Makhtoum, readers delve deep into the life of the Prophet Muhammad. In particular, it presents the major events surrounding his life. To demonstrate the importance and love we feel for him, we have listed the books referring to him in a specially dedicated category. The last of the prophets left his mark on his era, as well as the rest of the centuries that separate it from our own. Every Muslim must make the effort to get to know him.

Aisha, radiallahou 'anha, declared that the Prophet's behavior was the Koran. This urges us to make the application of Allah's word a necessity.

Sealed nectar contains much beneficial information. On the other hand, readers unanimously acknowledge the difficulty they feel when reading the first chapter. In it, we find elements relating to Arab life in the pre-Islamic period. The aim here is to set the context for the book, to highlight the revolution brought about by the appearance of Allah's messenger.

Arabs before Islam

Before the religion of Allah triumphed on the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabs had adopted many pagan practices. Indeed,despite having inherited Mecca and the Kaaba, their traditions ran counter toTawhid. All this information and much more can be found in the sealed nectar.

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