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The Citadel of the Muslim

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The quest for closeness to Allah encourages the Muslim to be assiduous in thepractice of Islam. A balancedspiritual life requires the performance of numerous acts of devotion on a daily basis. These include invocations to be uttered on various occasions. Many of these are recorded in "The Muslim's Citadel", which can be found here.

The Muslim's Citadel: a true spiritual companion

This paperback isone of the literary blessings available to believers everywhere.Starting with its practical format , it's anIslamic book you can carry anywhere.It contains invocations that are useful and necessary in the daily lives of Muslims who wish to maintain their closeness to Allah.

Every believer should own a copy, as we all know how important invocations are in our daily lives. There's even a children's version. Who says you have to reach adulthood to invoke your Creator? The Muslim's Citadel includes douas containing the names of Allah to be learned from an early age.

Spirituality represents the very essence of Islam, as it encourages meditation and the performance of devotional works. Allah has sent Signs to all mankind. Reflections on creation lead to awareness. Confirmation can only come through recognition of the One Creator.

When should you read The Muslim's Citadel?

In thesame vein, we suggest Sahih Al Adhkar. Like the Citadel of the Muslim, this is a collection ofinvocations compiled from the books of Sheikh Al Albani.

Muslims consult these books at any time. In fact, they contain legal invocations to be uttered on various occasions. They include morning and evening invocations, invocations to be uttered when leaving the house, etc.

At first,readers consult this Islamic pocketbook systematically. Then, his memory takes over and, eventually, he has memorized every doua. What a blessing from Allah! Indeed, he can invoke his Creator without resorting to this book. As a result, he remains connected to Allah azzawajal throughout the day.

Invoking Allah without associating anything with Him

Invocation is one of Allah's most beloved acts, provided His servant does not commit acts of polytheism. Indeed, there is no intermediary between the Divine and His servant. So be a monotheist when you call upon Allah. The Muslim's citadel contains the lawful formulas taught by Allah's messenger to his companions.

The importance of invocations in the life of believers

It's a means of meditation, and of showing gratitude for Allah's blessings. The Muslim's citadel highlights thedifferent categories of Tawhid. It also enables believers to discover certain acts of worship, such as istikhara prayer. Douas are also to be found in the various lawful acts such asprayer.

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