Argan oil soap

Argan oil soap

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DermArgan soap is made with argan oil. Its balanced, fragrance- and dye-free composition is designed for sensitive skin. Its cleansing base purifies and moisturizes dry skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

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Your Al mastour online Islamic store has carefully selected its argan oil soap, straight from Morocco, the country emblematic of argan oil! Our DermArgan natural dermatological soap is an organic bar soap at the low price of €5.00.

Focus on a natural oil

Argan oil is made from the nuts of the Argan tree, which may or may not be roasted, depending on whether the oil is to be used for food or cosmetics.

This cosmetic is fairly light in color. It contains mainly essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

It is reputed to be excellent for skin and hair, just likecastoroil, and is used in the composition of numerous cosmetic products and treatments, such as our argan oil soap .

Argan oil soap: properties

Composition:Argan oil soap has a balanced composition with no perfumes or colorants.

Benefits:Ideal for sensitive, dry, mature or blemished skin, this cleansing base purifies and cleanses your skin. Argan oil also has other benefits for the body and face:

  • It makes the skin more supple;
  • It moisturizes;
  • Fights acne
  • It is useful for eczema and minor skin irritations;
  • Helps fight the signs of skin aging;
  • Oil repairs the hydrolipidic film, a protective layer;
  • It protects against external aggressions (cold, heat...).

Use:You can use this soap every day instead of your usual shower gel, and also wash your face with it. This natural soap does not lather like almost all natural soaps. But its cleansing action is not diminished in the least, quite the contrary. Regular use will leave your skin soft and radiant, while staying natural!

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